CIW Live Chat Tutor Support

CIW Live Chat Tutor Support
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CIW is the world’s most popular vendor-neutral web technology education programme in the world, offering training in subject areas including web development, database technology and internet business. We have given you access to Live Chat Tutor Support for our CIW training for instant, on-demand expert help with tutors worldwide so you can get help wherever you are.

When signing up to the course, you can add the tutor support which will allow you to log in at any time throughout the duration of your course access and get the help you need. You will also get email support which can be used to answer more complex questions in greater detail.

You will also get access to Expert’s Screen Share which provides you with a view of your designated expert’s screen for live demonstrations, instructions and guidance.

  • If you can’t find your answer, your tutors are always there to help.
  • Provides a human element, taking the inhuman and impersonal elements of eLearning and bringing them to life.
  • Maintain job-ready skills for top performance with experts who are on hand at critical times in learning.

Why Choose Live Tutor Support

Live Chat – Instant chat talk to a tutor instantly - there is no sending an email and waiting for a response or waiting in a queue for hours on the phone, your Tutor is ready and waiting to support you.

12 months Unlimited access for one low fee, no matter how many times you need us (Your Tutor) you only pay one flat fee for this Unlimited anytime access service.

71% of Fortune 500 companies use mentoring to assure learning occurs in their organisation so it’s clear that mentoring has a direct correlation to successful learning for job-ready skills.

The yearly average salary for a CIW certification holder is between £50,000 and £86,000 depending on the qualification held.

Courses Select
  • CIW Database Design Specialist

    CIW Database Design Specialist...
  • CIW E-Commerce Specialist

    CIW E-Commerce Specialist...
  • CIW Internet Business Associate

    CIW Internet Business Associate...
  • CIW JavaScript Specialist

    CIW JavaScript Specialist...
  • CIW Network Technology Associate

    CIW Network Technology Associate...
  • CIW Perl Specialist

    CIW Perl Specialist...
  • CIW Site Development Associate

    CIW Site Development Associate...
  • CIW Web Security Associate

    CIW Web Security Associate...
  • CIW Advanced HTML 5.0 and CSS3

    CIW Advanced HTML 5.0 and CSS3...
  • CIW Web Design Specialist

    CIW Web Design Specialist...
  • CIW Web Foundations Associate Mentoring

    CIW Web Foundations Associate...