AWS Cloud & Architect Professional Programme

AWS Cloud & Architect Professional Programme
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Cloud computing is the delivery of IT resources online. Rather than having to purchase and maintain actual data centres or servers, it’s possible to access these and other computing power, as and when required, through a Cloud provide, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As we enter the dawn of the cloud era, the demand for skilled employees, who can manage and implement cloud solutions will continue to rise. Providing excellent salaries and career growth opportunities, now is the time to train to become a professional Cloud computing expert.

Individuals interested in working in this sector benefit from a protection from change, thanks to this future-proof career, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the most recognised and accepted Cloud infrastructure, globally.

Find out more about what Cloud Computing is, and the value of being AWS Certified, through these official videos by Amazon.  


Throughout this AWS Certification training, you’ll cover three key areas, important for an aspiring AWS Cloud Computing specialist.

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Solutions Architect - Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect - Professional

Upon completion of the three exams, you will be awarded a certificate in each area, to show you have learnt and are knowledgeable in the above areas.


There is a significant demand for professional and certified AWS Cloud Computing experts and organisations are happy to pay for such skilled individuals., making this a very lucrative (and financially rewarding) career choice!   

Due to this demand, now is an excellent time to move into Cloud computing, through our globally recognised AWS certification programme.

By taking the time to invest in your future, and ultimately investing in yourself, this course will provide you with the essential knowledge required for you to be able to not only work in this sector but to do so confidently and with success. Alongside this knowledge, you’ll also gain the necessary certification to show others that you have gained this knowledge to a high standard and with an excellent awarding body.

As mentioned, the Cloud Computing sector is experiencing a boom and professionals are highly sought after. With such demand in the marketplace, a career in Cloud Computing is a well-paid and rewarding career path to choose now.


AWS Cloud Practitioner

In order to help delegates with a foundation level of understanding in this area, we have developed this entry-level programme, to provide you with a better understanding of Amazon Web Services Cloud computing. This includes Cloud concepts and basic security, AWS services and architecture principles. You will also explore the fundamental characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud and cover technical assistance.

AWS Solutions Architect - Associate

Learn what is required to successfully build infrastructure on AWS, as well as discovering the variety of AWS services available and how they integrate within AWS. Throughout this training you will also gain a thorough understanding of essential, practical skills, such as setting up architect IT infrastructure in AWS.

AWS Solutions Architect - Professional

Throughout this training course you will be instructed on the best methods to create automatable and repeatable deployments of systems and networks on the AWS platform. Discover current techniques used throughout the industry, to successfully configure and deploy systems features.


Most of our students fall into three categories: individuals aspiring to work in the IT sector, University Graduates and IT Professionals.

  • Aspiring to work in IT – These are individuals aspiring to break into the IT sector, either to work in a technical capacity or in sales 
  • University Graduates – Students who have graduated from University and are looking to start a career in a growing, global, technology
  • IT Professionals - IT professionals who are looking to expand within their current career or change their career path into new technologies


Cloud Computing interest and demand is on the rise! Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at the forefront of this trend and as such, offers the best programme to get trained up to the level required of a professional.

Currently, there are many organisations relying on Amazon’s cloud for their software, infrastructure and applications. Due to this, there is now an increased requirement of employers to hire trained professionals, with AWS training.

Salaries and Earning Potential

Due to this demand and skills-gap in the sector, having your certifications in AWS Cloud computing provides you with a way into this career and onto high earning potential.  

With IT jobs offering some of the higher salaries in the UK, AWS Certified Solutions Architects and AWS Certified Developers can earn over £80,000 per annum early on in their career.

Typical job titles include:

  • AWS Cloud Engineer (£65k)
  • AWS Cloud Architect (£90k)
  • AWS Big Data Specialist (£70k)
  • SysOps Administrator (£47k)
  • Cloud Software Engineer (£55k)
  • Key Account Manager, Cloud (£45k) 

(Source: itjobswatch, Jan 2020)


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the hottest sectors in tech right now, and as such, we've teamed up with the industries top cloud computing experts to host sessions, designed to give you everything you need to develop your cloud career.

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Who should attend?

  • Those aspiring to work in IT - People aspiring to break into the IT sector whether to work in a technical capacity or sales
  • University Graduates - Graduates who are looking to find out more about the benefits of working in IT
  • IT Professionals - IT professionals looking to learn more about AWS and the future of IT

The Agenda

  • Welcome - Refreshments and a run through of the full agenda for the afternoon
  • Introduction to The Cloud - What the Cloud is, why everyone is talking about it, and the future of IT
  • Introduction to AWS - What AWS is and why there is a huge market demand for it right now, plus how to capitalise from it
  • Hands on Labs - Hands on labs on Amazon Web Services and the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art equipment
  • 1-on-1 Career Guidance - Expert career advice from out IT recruitment specialists who will tell you what you need to get a job in AWS  

Event Details

  •    Event: AWS Job Assist Event
  •    Date: 22/03/2020 (Sunday)
  •    Time: 10:00am – 1pm
  •    Venue: University of West London - St. Mary's Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RF
  •    Important Notes: Please bring a laptop with you, to get the most out of your day

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Study cloud concepts and AWS services, as well as basic security and architecture principles. You’ll also cover the core characteristics of operating and deploying in the AWS Cloud. 

  •          Cloud Concepts Introduction
  •          AWS terminology and concepts
  •          Foundational services: Amazon Elastic Compute
  •          Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  •          (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and
  •          Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) AWS Core Services
  •          Database services: Amazon DynamoDB and
  •          Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  •          AWS Architecting
  •          Management services: including AWS Auto
  •          Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing
  •          (ELB), and AWS Trusted Advisor
  •          Pricing and Support

AWS Solutions Architect - Associate

Learn how to build infrastructure on AWS and understand core AWS services, as well as how they integrate within AWS. Gain the technical skills and build up a comprehensive knowledge from setup right through to architect IT infrastructure.

  •          AWS fundamentals
  •          AWS core services
  •          Design and implement Cloud Network
  •          Making your Cloud highly available
  •          Making your Cloud scalable
  •          Automating your Cloud services
  •          AWS costing
  •          Micro-services
  •          Media file encoding services
  •          AWS best practices
  •          Securing AWS services
  •          AWS recovery planning
  •          Monitoring AWS performance
  •          Troubleshooting AWS

AWS Solutions Architect - Professional

Learn how to create repeatable and automatable deployments of systems and networks on the AWS platform, as well as understanding the best techniques used to configure and deploy systems features.

  •          Apply the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  •          Manage multiple AWS accounts for your organization
  •          Connect an on-premises data centre to the AWS Cloud
  •          Discuss billing implications of connecting multi-region VPCs
  •          Move large data from an on-premises data centre to AWS
  •          Design large data stores for the AWS Cloud
  •          Understand different architectural designs for scaling a large website
  •          Protect your infrastructure from distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks
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